June/July vibes!

As the month ends and new one begins, just a collection of looks I’m feeling at the moment! Dying for a pair of wide leg pants! Think I’ll be on the hunt all month!
Junemoodboard- 1

Also feeling metallic! Thinking it’s a pretty nice way of adding a lil element of interest to simple outfits. (which is always the case lately!) Still loving fringe and starting to get into fedoras! (why not sport a good hat? why. not. )  What trends are you loving at the moment?

See you soon loves!

A dog or two

Just some brainstorming for some new prints in my etsy store! Think of adding a few B&W editions! Let me know if there are any animals you want drawn for the store!


Take care loves!



June monthly faves!

Hey hey lovelies!!

Just back to share three items i’ve LOVED this month. 1. This bottle. I got this one from ‘Bing boy’.. It was filled with Rose tea, lemon and strawberries! (delish!) When it was finished I replaced everything but used raspberry leaf tea instead! Adding fruit to your bevs is something i’ve just started doing (I know i’m late lol!)


2. Bourjois chocolate bronzer. Now, I got this one on Asos as I think in Melbourne, they no longer sell this particular one.. Basically, it smells like chocolate and blends like a dream! It’s been a bit of cult beauty product for awhile so I thought I’d pick it up. I think they have now updated the bronzer and it no longer has the chocolate block packaging (boo!) Not sure if the formula is the same or not. Will have to investigate.

3. These shoes! (again from asos) Pretty classic I think.. What I love is the height of the heel.. Easy to wear day to day without feeling uncomfortable.


That’s all for this month!
Claud xox

First Market Stall!

Hey hey loves!

So last Friday I had my first market stall at the ‘Thomastown Twilight Market’! Sooo glad I did it! Was fab meeting other creators and hearing their market wisdom..

Here are some snaps of my set up!



Thing I learnt from my first market..
1. Have change ready!
2. A mailing list or contact list is wonderful and useful!
3. If it’s an outdoor market, make sure everything is weighed down!
4. Dont worry!

Was a great experience… I’ll be at the ‘All for Kids market’ in May! More deets soon!

Take care!

The Wardrobe 2/5

The whole time I was drawing this, I felt like decorating a Christmas tree and drinking hot chocolate! (not the best considering the hot Melbourne weather!) So it’s finally finished. ( and i’m a little bit glad) Item 3 is underway tho! Hoping to get 5 garments drawing by the end of the year!

Screen shot 2015-02-28 at 1.45.57 PM



Take care lovelies,



Winter 2015

So it’s the last day of Summer.. and to be honest, i’m not that fussed! I’ve always been a supporter of Winter.. I’ve always thought ‘whats not to love’? Hot chocolates, warm coats, rainy nights, blankets… but I know to well thats its not a favourite among seasons .. Even so, you cant deny everyone is more stylish in Winter! Heres a little bit of inspo to get you thinkin bout your winter lookbooks!
Winter 2015
Winter 2015 by iamclaudia featuring stud earrings
Keep an eye out for ripped knit and tassels this Winter! I love wearing different textures in winter (especially if you go towards the darker tones when the sky starts to turn grey) Combining textures like leather and knit can give your outfit more dimension and keep things interesting! If you’re not a fan of colour in Winter like me, maybe try incorporating it in your accessories.. Loving the beaded bags lately!
Anyhoop! Hope this gave you some ideas lovelies!
Take care,

Open for business!

Ahoy hoy!
Some exciting news! So i’ve opened my Etsy store! It’s something i’ve always wanted to do.. I’ve loved drawing this collection and I really hope you enjoy it too! The animal drawings were inspired by my future nephew or niece! (cant wait to meet baby!!!!)
I’d love for you pop on over and take a look!


Also, if you have any requests for drawings.. i’m super happy to do customs drawings!
Take care lovelies!


Givin a shirt

Hey lovelies!

Just wanted to share the latest. The longest any drawing has ever taken me.. Hope to continue a series of other garments.. maybe a jumper next? A quirky xmas one!  Hope you’re all well. Working on another project that’ll I’ll be sharing soon! Take care, Claud xx


Sticker bicker!

So the festive season has begun and I wanna spread the love! Giving away stickers this week! If you’d like some head over to my instagram and comment on the image below and i’ll mail some stickers out to ya!

Happy Festivities!