Givin a shirt

Hey lovelies!

Just wanted to share the latest. The longest any drawing has ever taken me.. Hope to continue a series of other garments.. maybe a jumper next? A quirky xmas one!  Hope you’re all well. Working on another project that’ll I’ll be sharing soon! Take care, Claud xx



Sticker bicker!

So the festive season has begun and I wanna spread the love! Giving away stickers this week! If you’d like some head over to my instagram and comment on the image below and i’ll mail some stickers out to ya!

Happy Festivities!

How did you like the chocolate factory, Charlie?

 I’ll admit, I ate more chocolate then I did designing in this project. I called it ‘research’ and purchased a variety of delicious Chocolate… I sat there looking pensive but really I was just enjoying the Chocolate (shhh dont tell anyone) Here’s what I ended up with as my final. front-choco


I confess, the dude does look a lil creepy.. But I dont think he’d be the type of guy who’d care what you thought, look at his outfit for goodness sake! It’s Christmas soon so i’m sure all your Chocolate cravings will be satisfied! Let me know If you want to see some more xmas themed posts!
Take Care,

Music and a shirt

I started this shirt a month or so ago.. Of course, I started it and then left it unfinished.. I plan to return to it, but in the mean time, check out some of the albums I got through whilst getting (almost) halfway through the shirt.

Screen shot 2014-10-29 at 7.41.30 PM


Take care lovelies!


Bitter bitter

Probably the biggest assignment I’ve worked on this year.. It was flipping huge! My first attempt at packaging design.  I kind of like the restrictions with packaging.. I like that you have to work with a certain shape and a company’s identity.. Sometimes I like having limitations more than having a brief that’s completely open and free.


What’s happening this weekend guys? I think i’ll be chilling after this one.
See ya soon!


Where the light is

Hey hey!

So last term in Photography we took a look at light sources. Light is a pretty tricky element to control in photos I’ve found.. Anyhoo, I had a muck around with some different angles as part of my assignment. Side light, front light and using a reflector. Really loving the expressionistic vibe lately.. Its hard to not wanna control the brush strokes.. I think kids do it much better..  side_reflector_fronthair

See ya soon peeps!


Berries and Cherries

Hey guys! Any of you have the issue of starting things and never finishing them? I start a million and one things but leave them for ages! Feels good to have come back to a project I started and finally complete it. Red pencils are tiny!bandc

What have you guys started and never finished?