Bitter bitter


Probably the biggest assignment I’ve worked on this year.. It was flipping huge! My first attempt at packaging design.  I kind of like the restrictions with packaging.. I like that you have to work with a certain shape and a company’s identity.. Sometimes I like having limitations more than having a brief that’s completely open and free.


What’s happening this weekend guys? I think i’ll be chilling after this one.
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Where the light is

Hey hey!

So last term in Photography we took a look at light sources. Light is a pretty tricky element to control in photos I’ve found.. Anyhoo, I had a muck around with some different angles as part of my assignment. Side light, front light and using a reflector. Really loving the expressionistic vibe lately.. Its hard to not wanna control the brush strokes.. I think kids do it much better..  side_reflector_fronthair

See ya soon peeps!


Berries and Cherries

Hey guys! Any of you have the issue of starting things and never finishing them? I start a million and one things but leave them for ages! Feels good to have come back to a project I started and finally complete it. Red pencils are tiny!bandc

What have you guys started and never finished?

Tartan skirts and what not

So around about this time last year I made this tartan skirt with the help of my grandma who’s skills with the sewing machine are beyond measure.. Never really knew how to style it that well, but I pulled it out the other day and gave it a go.. If you’d like a tutorial for a circle skirt like this, leave a comment below and i’ll get some fabric and see if I can pull one together !

 skirt skirt2


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Late April/ early May faves

So here goes my delayed April faves. I’ve posted a few things that are similar to some of my recent purchases. Been rocking a tartan skirt this month, however mine is homemade (post up soon!)

Getting into the purple lips and ‘Mr Selfridge’. Seriously guys, you know how every once in awhile you get those shows where you watch every ep of the season in like, two days! Yep! that’s this show. Thought i’d post about one of the characters jackets cause.. look at it?? Late April/ early May faves

Late April/ early May faves by iamclaudia featuring lips makeup

The jacket looks like a tapestry and although it’s set the 1900′s i’d rock it today without a doubt. Included a semi-inspired jacket from H&M in my polyvore collage.. May have to go have a look at it when I can be bothered waiting in line
(melbournians know what i’m talking about)

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Pattern on Pattern

The pattern on pattern trend was popular quite awhile ago I have to admit.. however back then I wasn’t a huge fan.. Call me converted because I’m LOVING the bright floral prints and contrasting patterns. I know I know i’m late to the party but oh well.  Ashish’s spring/summer collection in 2012 is still so fresh and bold that I’ll defiantly be trying to sport a look very similar soon.

Here are a few faves that embody the pattern spirit!

colours and shine
colours and shine by iamclaudia featuring a striped shirt

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Hey hey!
So 2014 has begun and with  a new year comes a new project! My friend Beth and I have started a tumblr called ‘frottage’ to try and share some work of others as well as our own. Our plans are to make it a website full of inspiring photos, regular art features and giveaways!

So if you guys happen to have a tumblr maybe go follow us? Click HERE to check it out! And we hope to have many exciting things in store for you 2014! Speak soon! 
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