Pattern on Pattern

Feb 3 2014 | + Add a comment | Fashion

The pattern on pattern trend was popular quite awhile ago I have to admit.. however back then I wasn’t a huge fan.. Call me converted because I’m LOVING the bright floral prints and contrasting patterns. I know I know i’m late to the party but oh well.  Ashish’s spring/summer collection in 2012 is still so fresh and bold that I’ll defiantly be trying to sport a look very similar soon.

Here are a few faves that embody the pattern spirit!

colours and shine
colours and shine by iamclaudia featuring a striped shirt

Take care lovelies,


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Hey hey!
So 2014 has begun and with  a new year comes a new project! My friend Beth and I have started a tumblr called ‘frottage’ to try and share some work of others as well as our own. Our plans are to make it a website full of inspiring photos, regular art features and giveaways!

So if you guys happen to have a tumblr maybe go follow us? Click HERE to check it out! And we hope to have many exciting things in store for you 2014! Speak soon! 
Stay Magical,

That 70′s girl

Dec 27 2013 | 1 Comment | My artwork

The new year is almost upon us it seems.. wow. How crazy?? Hope you are all happy and well. Thought i’d pop in and share the finished version of this drawing. More projects in the new year, so stay tuned!! :)

Stay magical,


Nov 18 2013 | 1 Comment | My artwork,Uncategorized

Finished exams!!!!! Hopefully this means a lot more time to get some stuff up and share some things with you all!
Also I got instagram! Follow me if you like @claudnation

First drawing since holidays!

More up soon :)
Stay magical,

Do what you love.

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Some September likes

Sep 28 2013 | 1 Comment | Fashion,Uncategorized
A taste of September.

A taste of September. by iamclaudia

A book i’ve yet to start reading, but will be shortly. (how neat is the cover?) Some cute items I’ve spotted online, a folio for travelling and an amazing album.

Hope you’re all well,

A return to hands

Jun 17 2013 | 1 Comment | My artwork

Hey lovely people! Hope you’re all well. It’s been a while hasn’t it? Year 12 has left me with PLENTY to do that I seem to have abandoned my poor blog.. Thought I’d drop in and share a drawing with you.. Only one unfortunately, but i’ll try to post more up soon.

Photo by Benoit Courti found  here.

Have a fantastic week!

Norman Parkinson

Apr 8 2013 | + Add a comment | Photography

Thought i’d pop in and share a photographer. Norman Parkinson; one of my favourites. 

speak soon lovelies,

A bit of Fashion

Apr 5 2013 | + Add a comment | Fashion,My Photography

Okay.. so this is quite delayed . but I thought i’d share anyway.
I went to the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival the Frankie Magazine edition, with my sister on the 24th of March.. It was my first time to a fashion show and all I have to say is .. if you happen to go next year.. BRING A CAMERA! Trendy people everywhere who I should have got a photo of… but didn’t because I didn’t bring a proper camera! Anyhoop.. if you’ve thought about going but haven’t .. check it out next year defiantly! Saw some lovely designs and if you’re into fashion it’s pretty inspiring.

Hope you’re all well,  i’ll talk to you all soon lovelies,

A study in pen

Jan 30 2013 | 6 Comments | My artwork

A dog I know who has puppy dog eyes and a funny personality drawn in Pen for my sister. 

Stay Magical,